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American Idol winner Caleb Johnson was back in his hometown recently.  He visited Mission Children's Hospital to spend special time with the children. This newly renowned American Idol winner wasn't always a singer. According to Johnson's mom, he expressed an interest in filming at a young age and because of that took filming classes. Interestingly enough, that did not become his career path.  During his senior year of high school, some friends asked Johnson to sing in the school talent show.  When Johnson and his friends came out on stage, Johnson started singing a Creedance Clearwater song.  Johnson's mother Tamra recalls that she looked at her husband and asked him if he knew Caleb could sing.

Medical appointments for little Liam can be taxing, especially for his parents. He has Cerebral Palsy. Liam's father Tristan Arrowood says his family has to work their schedule around appointments. "Either I have to work third shift instead of working first shift, or we have to work split shifts and work two different days." Liam tries new treatments for Cerebral Palsy, and the developmental issues that come with the brain disorder. Now he and other youngsters with C.P. have their appointments fast-tracked and streamlined at Mission Children's in Asheville. Click here to watch the video.  

When my second child was born, my 4-year-old daughter couldn't wait to take on her role as big sister. We had talked during the pregnancy about all the things she could do once her brother arrived, and she was ready to go. Becoming the oldest child in the house is a huge step. It's natural for the first child to feel some jealousy, angst and sadness when a new brother or sister enters the household. Here's how to make the experience a positive one for your older child while fostering sibling bonds and continued family harmony. Read the full story at WNC Parent.  

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends exclusive breast-feeding for baby's first six months. That's because mother's milk is the best thing for your baby, and it's good for mothers as well. Breast milk provides the perfect mix of vitamins, nutrients and antibodies for healthy babies. Breast-fed children tend to get sick less often and have fewer allergies, diabetes, ear infections, asthma, eczema or other problems. Read the full article at the Asheville Citizen-Times.  

Your baby will spend a lot of time in his crib, and it's important to make sure it's a safe sleep environment.  Crib dangers include entrapment, suffocation, strangulation and sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). This information should be shared with anyone who cares for your baby, including grandparents, family, friends and babysitters. Read the full story at The Biltmore Beacon.